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Zeal & Ardor, Wellington NZ, 2019

"...His Master’s Voice opened with some very clever 70’s tinged psych-rock. Their reputation had proceeded the band and they didn’t disappoint. They started with a (relatively) new song – a three section instrumental called HMV, that really showed off the skills and energy this four piece are capable of. Dripping in layers of pedal distortion the band then launched into tracks from their outstanding album The Devil’s Blues mixed with earlier material from their impressive back catalogue..."

"...Once again, thanks have to go to His Master’s Voice for not only lending the gear but putting on a phenomenal opener. They saved the show, no doubt about it..."




Plum Green - Gig Review: Plum Green @ Whammy Bar, Auckland - 1/02/2019

"...No His Masters Voice set is the same, other than high octane energy interspersed with one or two soulful ballads. Friday night’s set was no different, but those JAMS!! Often instrumental jam sessions can get lost on a crowd, unless you have someone like Slash, on stage with you but tonight they were channeling all the lost greats - Hendrix, Lemmy, Jon Bonham and Jessie's vocals were almost tear inducing (I can’t even think of one person who comes close to his vocals - there have been many great singers lost but Jessie's voice is his own). I spent this entire set up the front, other than filming their introductory jam session which was out of this world. His Masters Voice needs bigger stages, bigger crowds, bigger production, bigger and more - they are a band that once the right people hear it are going to take the world by storm..."



Gig Review: Skinny Hobos @ Galatos, Auckland - 25/05/2018 by Andrew Smit

"...His Masters Voice loaded their bluesy and ballsy sound on our senses, and it's not just with sound they exude this onslaught, but also the hairy tattooed wonder of their presence is formidable, they had us in an aural and visual trance and we were mesmerised and pleasured in equal measure. Jesse Sorensen was almost completely hidden under a wave of flowing hair, but he never faulted on dispensing smooth and cutting vocals and wonderfully rhythmic guitar, and the occasional cool lead breaks. When a mega bluesy guitar solo is required then Az Burns is your man, on song as always, he ripped out his broad and melodic sound that grew in intensity with each pluck and pull. All this bluesy madness was held together like a sticky date with formidable Bass from Brandon Bott and Rene Harvey crunching on the drums. At times they rocked it out and then funnelled it down, where you would end up swaying in a trance, and just when you thought you might be lost to reality they amped up the beat and you broke off and rocked out. You are the Masters and we are the apprentices..."



25th May 2018 Galatos, Auckland Review by James Edwards @ Abmient Light

"...If you have not heard of His Masters Voice then you need to reassess your life goals. Taking the best of the blues, rock and just the slightest threads from the bottom of metals universal black jumper and His Masters Voice have really created something quite special... ...There are no stand out tracks because every track is a winner when it comes to His Masters Voice, a bold statement, yes but having been listening to these guys for a number of years it’s a statement I stand by wholeheartedly... ...while ‘Possession’ and ‘Don’t Trust Myself’ especially just make you want to bear your soul to the world as you completely let the music take you over. I am one of those guys that prefers to just stand in the crowd and do the old co-ordinated head and foot bang; yet His Masters Voice make me want to just go nuts on the dance floor. I really hope to see these guys in a few more International support slots because God knows they are more than worthy of it..."



Gig Review: End of an Era Night 1 @ Kings Arms, Auckland - 26/01/2018 By Paul Goddard

"...His Masters Voice are a band I had heard a lot about. There is a hype around them but not the self-promoting social media hype. This is old school word of mouth. Being in a bar, talking music and people asking if you have seen them yet? No? You really should! It's a cliche but some people are born to do one thing..."



Hellfire Magazine - The Devils Blues Vinyl Review by Helgvar Sven Mánfreðson 

"It makes you feel like going back in time, where long curly hair still graced my head. Six songs with influences of heavy rock classics rock through my apartment, of course, gradually, with contemporary energy.

Mix blues with Southern Rock and a little stoner, a pinch of the 70s with Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, a touch of the 80s with Black Sabbath and you get HIS MASTERS VOICE!

Musically and playfully, the New Zealanders Jesse Sorensen (vocals and guitar), Az Burns (guitar), Rene Harvey (drums) and Brandon Bott (bass) can fully capture, capture and inspire and infect their music..."



Ambient Light : His Masters Voice – The Devil’s Blues, Auckland NZ, 2017 by Sarah Kidd

"...Often an element that is overlooked, the unification of a band both in their music and in their stage presence is one of utter importance. When a band works well together on stage it shows. Ego can kill talent and luckily it is not an emotional state that plagues this band. This can be seen by the way that all four members share the stage and interact with each other, even during solo’s or on stage duels. Each member both compliments and celebrates the talent of the next... ...What followed was an unimaginable display of musical prowess as these four melodic giants delivered ‘His Masters Voice – Parts I, II & III’. To say that His Masters Voice are at the top of their game would be an understatement..."



Devilskin & Sumo Cyco, Auckland NZ, 2017

"...While already rather well known on the Auckland circuit, with tonight’s exceptional performance they cemented their rightful place on the list of must see New Zealand acts. With a swagger that harnesses the spirits of the legendary rock and blues gods of days gone by while simultaneously remaining relevant through clever lyricism and raw integrity; His Masters Voice owned the stage as if it was already their second home... ...From the undulating fierceness of ‘Don’t Trust Myself’ right through to the tumbling jaunt of their final song ‘Lonely Road’, each and every track is a masterpiece of both lyrical and sonic wonderment. With their third EP simply entitled Woman released just this month, His Master’s Voice are a more than worthy edition to the playlist of any discerning music lover..."



DEVILSKIN at The Powerstation, Auckland, New Zealand on 22/10/17

"...Hot on the heels of their newly released EP “Woman”, His Masters Voice opened up the evening, and I’m not afraid to say it that I think they stole the show ... ...hitting the biggest stage of their career couldn’t have come at a better time to widen the audience of what I think is one of New Zealand’s best-kept secrets. Whilst the diminutive looking Jesse Sorensen (vocals/guitar) conjures forth the voice of a blackened angel (most likely via some dark magick voodoo), the quartet has it all – Az Burns’ (guitar) long dreadlocks drape easily over his guitar as solos and riffs go flying, to the solid driving backline of Brandön Bött (bass) and Rene Black (drums) – you’ve got a complete package of audio and visual mystique..."



13thfloor.co.nz Review - His Masters Voice, Sumo Cyco and Devilskin

"...Here was Led Zeppelin swagger, Black Sabbath proto-doom, swampy Delta Blues and shades of stoner rock. I immediately forgave them for being so widely derivative, because they pulled it off with such enormous joy and panache. This wasn’t mere copy-pasting, but a set of well known tropes embraced lovingly and with intimate knowledge. His Master’s Voice also have a great grasp on song structure, knowing exactly how to build up to a crescendo, transition into a solo, or bring the main riff thundering back in. I could hear every instrument clearly, including the bass, which is always a point from me in loud guitar bands..."



Libel.co.nz Review of Woman by Gray Vickers 

"...this 4 Track EP is a phenomenal showcase of the raw and powerful musicianship on tap in this band. This is not simply a blues record, nor can it be categorised any other way. It bathes in groove and swagger, whilst wallowing in despair and pain..."




Gig Review: I Am Giant @ Galatos, Auckland 14/04/2018 by BUTCH181

"...Always consistently on form, I have yet to see a poor performance from them. With chugging riffs, punchy drums, and smooth, flying solos, they have mastered that guitar-centric sound that has kept the likes of Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin relevant for all these years. Technically astute, Az Burns knows his guitar intimately, and is able to control every aspect of his contribution to the music, controlling the feedback of the effects for added ambience, or through intricate finger work, his skills put the everyday guitarist to shame. Vocalist Jesse Sorensen channels Ozzy Osbourne throughout the performance with a dominant display of vocal melodies and demonstrating crazy-eyes as he stands at the microphone. Apart from a second of feedback on the mic at the end of one track, their performance went off without a hitch. Professional from start to finish..."




Willnotfade.com Woman E.P Review by Joseph James

 "Take the blues and revive them with dosage of danger. Add filthy southern rock riffs. Swirl in a generous serving of Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. Drop in a few drugs. And then, amidst the swirling haze, you will find you have produced His Master’s Voice."



Muzic.net.nz review by Kerry Monaghan

“…Full of Led Zeppelin swag, they are smooth and easy on the ears. It's hard not to get swept up in the moment and it’s never easy to fully capture to readers how great of a show they put on. Vocalist, Jesse Sorensen has the blues running through his veins, an old soul in a young man’s body that clearly lives and breathes what he does and it shows. A tight band that sound years above their average ages…”



 Woman E.P Review by Sarah Sampson at Muzic.net.nz



His Masters Voice  San Fran, Wellington  by Mathias Hallberg

"...We are met by what His Masters Voice have come to dub The Devils Blues. A fitting title for their high-octane brand of music. As we stand in the center of the floor the sound surrounds us. A sound fronted by mournful wails reminiscent of the classic American soul. The crash of cymbals and driving bass with facial hair to match puts a giant smile on my face as the rhythm section are only a pair of cheap sunglasses away from ZZ Top’s legendary back row. Giving the rhythm just enough personal flair to give it a contemporary feel while staying true to the roots that took hold in the American South so long ago..." 



Rock Bandom Radio, Canada. by Scotty D Salter

 Vocally supreme, Lyrically superb and the music is big time kick ass. Listening to them takes you on a journey like no other, both calming, trippy, hard hitting, fast paced and edgy. A must have in your music collection…”



“… Im sick of it (blues) sounding so generic (His Masters Voices music) its a breath of fresh air that I think has worldwide musical value...

  • Zorran Mendonsa (Producer/Engineer)


 The 13th Floor’s Tove Partington had this to say…

“… Everything you ever wanted from the love child of metal and dirty blues has come true with His Masters Voice. After only five shows, they have already made it to my bands you must see before you dielist…”



NZ Musician Album Review by Stu Edwards

“...While His Masters Voice has harvested a classic sound, Follow Me Down dishes up a modern flavour that could comfortably stack up next to modern icons such Black Stone Cherry or Mastodon. Bonus live track Lucid Dream is a weighty eight minute insight into what the band are all about...



NZM Fresh Talent - Clovis McEvoy

“...Like a smouldering volcano, His Masters Voice have heaved into Aucklands live music scene and with just a two-week turnaround from stepping into the studio to the release of their debut EP, it would appear the band could erupt anytime…”

“…Possessionmanages to be satisfyingly heavy, while offering up more than enough surprises to keep the listener hooked...



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